Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sew Chic Kids by Ruriko Yamada

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When I was asked to do a book review for Sew Chic Kids I immediately said YES! I love the clean designs of the Japanese sewing books and I loved that this book had designs for girls AND boys. I had lots of questions from readers when I first posted about this book on my Instagram. So let me answer the question most of you have, "Is this book in English?". I am very happy to say YES the entire book is in English so you don't need to know Japanese to read it.

I also had a lot of questions regarding the book layout and the paper patterns themselves so I thought I would address all of those questions in this post.

The book comes with 20 sewing patterns, and like I mentioned before it has patterns for both boys and girls. I have included the table of contents just so you can get an idea of what kind of patterns this book has.

I am in love this shirt, is this tiered blouse not the cutest? I also love how this book includes separates as well as cute dresses for the girls.

I can not wait to make this outfit for my son. He is going to look so handsome and stylish in this pull over parka and shorts set.

Since I received questions about the sewing instructions I wanted to show you a sample for the above gingham dress.

As you can see the pattern pieces required, the pattern layout, and the materials needed are all displayed at the beginning of each sewing instructions.

The actual garment sewing steps follow. All of the patterns are very clearly labeled at the beginning of the book, with wonderful pictures, so you know exactly what page you need for the instructions.

As for the patterns included in this book they are all paper patterns and come in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8. There is a wonderful sizing chart inside of the book with some great instructions on how to measure your child. There are also some wonderful sewing tips and tricks inside of the book as well.

The actual paper patterns come printed as shown above and their is overlapping between the pieces. You will need to trace your pattern onto paper since these pages are also double sided.

You can order Sew Chic Kids by Ruriko Yamada at Tuttle Publishing. As many of you know I love to sew for my daughter so I will be posting a cute dress I made her from Girls Style book by Yoshiko Tsukiori and H.H. next week. If you wanted to look at the book before my next post you can find it online at Tuttle Publishing along with some really cool women's sewing books I have been eyeing.

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