Monday, March 3, 2014

Catching Up

Don't you just hate it when you are finally catching up on your giant to do list and you feel like you are going to be back on top of things and then your life gets turned upside down and you have to start playing catch up again? Yeah that has been my life for three weeks now. I was FINALLY getting caught up on all of the housework, cooking healthy meals every single day, and getting caught up on my blog posts when BAM the kids get sick. First it was my son then my daughter and now my son again. So of course I am now once again WAY behind on housework but luckily I have been able to still cook healthy meals, mostly anyway. To make matters worse I had three blog posts worth of pictures on my iPhone that I hadn't had time to take off and I get locked out of my phone! How does that happen you might ask. Well let me tell you. I added a passcode to my phone, a good thing to have, and I entered the code wrong so I couldn't get back into my phone. The only way to get back in was to completely wipe my phone losing every SINGLE last photo, contact, note, and everything else. I was utterly BUMMED to say the least! So now I have to take those step by step pictures all over again. I am hoping, fingers crossed, that by next week I will be able to at least have recreated those three blog posts. I hope your weeks have been going soother then mine.

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