Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Candy Free Valentine's Day Cards

My daughter is having a small Valentine's Day party at school and the teacher asked every student to bring in cards. I originally was going to send store bought ones but my friend made her own using Photoshop so I decided to make some too.

I had some recycled dinosaur crayons left over, tutorial here, so I went with a dinosaur theme. I figured since it was gender neutral and not a food item it would go over well with the kids/parents/teachers.

I printed them out at Office Max, love their online printing!, on white cover #80 paper. I spent a whole two dollars on 18 cards! I used poster putty that I found at dollar tree to stick the crayon to the card.

My daughter loved them and she can't wait to finish them this weekend. You can get the free dinosaur valentine pdf here or you can download the jpeg image here.

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