Monday, February 3, 2014

Animal Baby Blocks

We were at the doctors office and my son fell in love with some animal blocks they had. They were nice wood squares with cute animal pictures on them. They were the perfect size, he was easily able to grasp them, and bang them together. He was having such a good time with them and they looked pretty easy to make.

Now I'm not handy with power tools, in fact it's better I stay away from them or I'll end up in the hospital. So I tried finding some wood squares at the craft stores but they didn't have a good selection and they were expensive. Therefore I ended up at Home Depot trying to find a nice size board. Luckily they carry hobby wood boards for us crafty people in various sizes. I found a nice board that was a quarter inch thick and it was already finished and ready to be used. The board was four inches tall so I had my dad cut the board at two inch intervals, thanks Dad!

I ended up with 12 little rectangles. I found some cute animal stickers at the dollar store and I put one on each block. I used my black sharpie to write the animal name below the picture and I'll admit I had to google some of the spellings. Since the stickers are going to wear off easily I added a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of each sticker to seal them.

My son loves playing with them and to my surprise my daughter also loves them. Just make sure your kids don't put these blocks in their mouths since the mod podge isn't meant to be put in your mouth.

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