Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Road Trip: Legoland, Sea World, and San Diego

Last week my family and I went on vacation to San Diego. We planned on taking the kids to Legoland and Sea World. We had a great time and I wanted to share with you some pictures and "review" the parks for you. First off we will start with Legoland. We stayed at the Legoland hotel and I am so glad we did. This hotel was top notch and it was 100% geared towards kids so it made my life so much easier.

In the lobby is this castle playground with a moat full of legos for the kids to play with. They have nightly entertainment and Lego building contests.

We stayed in a pirate themed room and our room had a "treasure chest". Each child had a treasure "map" filled with clues that gave the combination to open the safe. My daughter was SUPER excited about the chest and the treasure. Inside were mini legos, a lego magazine, and gold chocolate coins. Each room has bunk beds and a separate tv for the kids, it's great!

Of course the park had millions of legos and everything was replicated. I took a close up picture of Mount Rushmore because from far away it looked like stone, not Legos. I LOVED this park and hotel. November is the time to go because no ride had longer than a 5 minute wait, it was awesome. The food was great, although expensive, but its the best park food I have ever had. The apple pie fries are a must try, so delicious.

The next day we went to Sea World. After coming from such a great theme park experience, I had high hopes for Sea World since I have never been there before. Sadly Sea World was a suckfest. Their Sesame Street toddler area, which looks awesome online, was a huge let down. There were only 3 rides and the rest was just a playground. My daughter couldn't go on any other rides, which really frustrated here, and she was basically bored the whole time.

We caught most of the shows and the only one that caught my daughter's attention was the Pets on Parade show. Some of the animal exhibits smelled or had tanks that had blocked views so that didn't help the situation. We also had to do a LOT of walking in between attractions and rides. I felt like I had walked double the amount of Legoland.

Food was a big problem for us. They had hardly any food places that were open and the food was horrible. We spent so much money on lunch and we had to throw it all away because it was so bad it was inedible. We waited to have dinner outside of the park. Overall I wished we hadn't spent the money to go to Sea World but rather explore San Diego.

It was great to take a vacation and spend some quality family time together. I really had a blast and I couldn't have asked for better weather in San Diego. It's a great city and I hope we can visit again soon!

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