Friday, November 8, 2013

Creamy Strawberry Ice Cream

I went to the new Goodwill Redesign store that opened by my house on opening day, I had a $5 off coupon I wanted to use. I asked my daughter what we should buy and she said ice cream maker. It sounded like a great idea since it's usually warm in Arizona and just as luck would have it we found one there. I originally wanted to make lavender ice cream, I just planted lavender in my garden, but the lavender wasn't ready yet and I had a whole pack of ripe strawberries in the fridge so I made strawberry ice cream instead.

I was surprised at how quickly it came together, and boy was it creamy! I plan on making chocolate and peanut butter swirl ice cream next.

Creamy Strawberry Ice Cream
Adapted from A Beautiful Mess
1 1/2 cups milk
1 vanilla bean
1 cup sugar
4 egg yolks
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 clamshell of very ripe strawberries
First begin heating up the milk over low/medium heat. Take your vanilla bean and cut it in half. Scrap the inside out and add it to your milk, add the cut vanilla bean to the milk as well. You don't want the milk to start boiling, but you do want to infuse the vanilla flavor into the milk. After 7 - 10 minutes, remove the vanilla bean and discard.
Combine the sugar with the milk. Whisk together and warm over low heat. In another bowl whisk together the egg yolks. Pour a few tablespoons of the hot milk mixture in with the egg yolks and stir. Once the egg yolk mixture is tempered add it to the pot of warm milk. Whisk to combine. Continue cooking over low/medium heat until it thickens. Turn the heat off and remove the pot from the burner, add in the whipping cream. Stir to combine. Remove the stems from your strawberries and cut in half. Place the strawberries into your blender and add the milk mixture. Blend for a minute or two. Pour into a container and refrigerate until cooled. Pour in to your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturers directions for use.

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