Monday, April 8, 2013

Recycled Dinosaur Crayons

I know that recycled crayons aren't anything new, in fact they are an old idea, but I decided to make some for my daughter's Easter basket. She loves dinosaurs so I found a cheap mold on eBay and luckily it arrived promptly (all the way from China). This was my first time making crayons so I decided I would share with you what I learned.

First of all making them is super easy and my daughter loved her crayons. I think they turned out pretty cute too. Now I have a bag of broken crayons that I collect over time. It's easier if you peel each crayon when you put it in the bag instead of having to peel an entire bag of broken crayons at once. I used all crayons, even restaurant crayons, except for dollar store crayons.  I heard they don't melt as well so I didn't even bother using them.

The first thing I did was to separate my crayons into similar color piles. I thought it would be nice if the crayons had different shades of the same color.

Next I put each color pile into a sandwich bag and used a hammer to break them down into smaller pieces. Now remember to break them on a hard surface, I used my granite counter, and don't worry you don't use much force to break the crayons so your surface shouldn't have any damage on it. But always do to a small test to be sure. Fill your mold with broken crayons, try to shove as many crayons as you can into your mold.

Put them in the oven at the lowest temperature, my oven was set at 275 degrees, and check them after 10 minutes. Pull them out once all the crayons have melted and let them cool for about an hour before you pull them out of the mold. Remember the smaller the pieces of crayon are the quicker they will melt.

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