Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013 Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, my family and I sure did! The whole family gathers at my mom's house to do an egg hunt and to have water fun. It's already hot here in AZ so we usually bust out the water balloons and the slip n slide for the kids. This year my mom was out of town on Saturday so we colored the eggs at my house.

We used the eggs my mom's chicken lay, which are lots of different colors and mostly not white. We were having trouble getting them to change colors until I added some vinegar to the cups.

We got lots of beautiful bright colors when we were done and my daughter became an expert at using the egg scooper. I will have to remember to use vinegar next year too. My mom ended up making my daughter's Easter dress, thankfully since I have no energy left nowadays, and of course it came out beautifully!

Of course my daughter was NOT in the mood to take pictures ALL DAY so I picked out the best of the bunch. My mom used an old Daisy Kingdom pattern and vintage, circa 1990's. You can't see it from this picture but the bottom is actually a scalloped edge.

A close up of the front and the cute fabric. I really love the pink piping details she added.

And lastly a picture of the back. I know you can't really see the back but it's the best picture I could find.

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