Monday, January 14, 2013

Quick Doll Diaper

I had a Cabbage Patch doll when I was growing up and I loved her so much. I played with her until I was 12 and too old for dolls. Luckily my mom stored her away for me because she knew how much she meant to me. When my daughter was born I was so happy I would be able to hand the doll down to her. Well the time has come and my daughter loves her doll. The diaper the doll had on wasn't reusable so of course as soon as she took it off the tabs didn't stick anymore and the thing was trash. I decided to make her a new diaper that had velcro tabs so it could be reused.

It took me 15 minutes to make and you only need felt and velcro or snaps if you prefer. My daughter loved her new diaper and it kept her entertained long enough that I could make dinner.

I made a quick pattern by taking the existing diaper and tracing it on some paper. I decided to only trace half of the diaper so I could cut it on the fold.

Once I was happy with my pattern I cut it out of white felt, remember to cut it on the fold. Try it on your doll and make sure you are happy with the fit, trim diaper where needed.

Place your velcro or snaps in your desired area and sew in place. I made the middle velcro pieces longer so it would be easier for my daughter to close the diaper.

That's it your done! Now it's time to start changing pretend diapers.

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