Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY $2 Bathroom Tray

I am sure you have seen the tutorials on how to make your own cake stand. It's easy and cheap, who doesn't like that? I have been wanting to make my own but I really don't need anymore cake stands so instead I decided to use the same concept to spruce up my guest bathroom. Whenever we have guests I always end up putting all the toiletries on the counter and it just looks uninviting.

My bathroom looks far better now and everything is organized in one place. I decided not to spray paint anything because of the fumes so I used mod podge instead. You will need one clear plate and one candlestick. I got my plate at Goodwill and the candlestick at the dollar store.

First find a scrap piece of fabric and cut it to fit your plate. Then place a layer of mod podge on the underside of your plate. Apply your fabric on top of the mod podge, make sure you placed the right side facing up, and use your fingers to spread it out. Make sure to get all the air bubbles out.

Once that has dried, about 20 minutes, apply two more coats of mod podge to the fabric, letting it dry completely in between each coat.

Next glue your candlestick to the middle of your plate. I used Gorilla glue and I placed a heavy book on top while it dried.

I might make a smaller tray to use in my kitchen to hold my soap and sponge. This tray has so many uses!

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