Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Ribbon Wand

My daughter has been taking dancing classes for almost a year now and she really loves them. Sometimes they use props, much to my daughter's delight. Her favorite prop is a ribbon wand, she loves to twirl it and dance around. I decided to make her one to use at home.

It was such a quick and cheap project, I wish I would have done it earlier. I got the wood stick at Joann's for only .58 cents. I cut the stick into 12 inch pieces, so it gives me three wands. At the top of one end drill a small hole all the way through. Make sure you sand the ends and the hole so you don't have any rough edges.

I will try to explain this next part the best I can. Insert a piece of ribbon through the hole and leave about 2 inches on one side of the hole. Add as many pieces of ribbon as you want to the top of the ribbon that you inserted through the hole, the long side, and sew all of your ribbons together. Fold over the two inches of ribbon so you form a loop, see pic above, and sew all of the ribbons together.

That's it, now begin to twirl that bad boy around!

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