Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hullabalu Toy Review

My doorbell rang today and I opened the door expecting to find my sister. Instead I found this bright blue box from Hullabalu. What is Hullabalu, you might ask? They are an online store where you can browse and buy plush toys. They launch their new toy collection October 1st but I was able to pick a toy from one of their featured favorites collection.

Since I knew the toy would be for my daughter I let her pick it out herself. Can I just say that there website is amazing! It was super easy to navigate through all of the toys and my almost three year old was able to pick out the toy she wanted without any issues. It was a tough choice, they have so many cute toys, but ultimately she picked the dragon. Isn't he cute?!

This was the first package my daughter received in the mail so she was really excited to open it up. Isn't it wonderful that the box isn't a standard brown box.

The toy was beautifully wrapped so my daughter was very eager to rip it open. It took a lot of begging to keep her away from it while I found my camera.

Once she opened it she realized it was the toy she had picked out and you could see the joy in her face. She couldn't stop hugging it and running around the living room. The dragon even makes the fire breathing sound when you push him, it just gets better and better. I wanted to take a better picture of him but I couldn't pry him from my daughter's hands. He is a nice size and very soft and comfy. Hullabalu has it's grand opening on October 1st so make sure you check them out. I can't wait to see what there new toy line will include!

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