Friday, August 31, 2012

Hawaii Recap Part 1

I was on vacation last week and this week in Hawaii. We stayed at Turtle Bay resort on the north shore and we had an awesome time. If you ever have the opportunity to stay at Turtle Bay take it because it was a wonderful resort. During the week they had free activities for the kids in the morning and a free performance at night. We booked using Costco travel and we got free breakfast buffet vouchers for our entire stay. The buffet was top notch too!

This is the view from the private beach, it was breath taking. My daughter wanted to spend every minute at the beach or the pool. They have a kiddie pool, a jacuzzi, a smaller pool with a waterfall and slide, and the normal big pool. I was also impressed that the pools came equipped with handicapped chairs so that people in wheelchairs could also enjoy the pool. You don't have to bring your own beach towel as the hotel provides you with free clean towels for your entire stay. I wish I would have known that before I packed them! But as always the prices are very high so make sure to stop at the nearest grocery store, probably Food Land, to buy a case of water as soon as you get there. In an emergency the hotel has a small convenience store open until 11pm but the prices are high.

We enjoyed the scenic driving and I got some great pictures.

This is Pali lookout, we didn't stop because it was very windy and I was very nervous about taking my daughter out. I had a horrible feeling she would get hurt.

We also stopped at Dole plantation, word to the wise get there when they open to avoid the crowds. My daughter loved the train and she loved feeding the fish inside of the garden. Just make sure you take 2 quarters with you so you can buy the food from the gumball machine. On the drive back this beautiful rainbow appeared so I snapped a pic.

One of the highlights for me was seeing the sea turtles up close and personal. We went to turtle beach, also make sure to head there very early before the crowds gather, to see if we could spot them. This cool turtle was hanging out right on the beach eating some algae for about 30 minutes. We also spotted lots of turtles swimming inside the ocean. I will be back tomorrow with some good places to eat and good places to buy souvenirs. 

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