Monday, July 23, 2012

The Sweet Ruffle Tote

As I was scanning Pinterest I came across this great tutorial for The Sweet Scallops Tote from See Kate Sew. You know I love ruffles so I decided to switch the scallops out for ruffles and I added a couple of inside pockets as well. I also made my bag slightly larger, I do have to carry around my daughter's stuff still, and I changed the handles up a little bit.

The measurements I used were 13.5x15 for the exterior and lining. 13.5x9 for the pockets and 5x15 for the handles. I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance because I find it much easier to sew.

To make the two pockets I just sewed my pocket panel on the sides of one of my lining pieces. I then stitched down the middle of the pocket to create two pockets.

It's the perfect size and my iPad fits inside nicely. I was concerned that my bag wouldn't hold much weight as it's made from a light weight cotton but I haven't had any issues and I have tested it extensively. This bag was made entirely out of fabric scraps, I am so happy my stash is much smaller now.

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