Monday, July 16, 2012

Cake Balls Lessons Learned

I went to a baby shower this weekend and I volunteered to bring cake pops. Of course I forgot that I was going to make them and I ended up making cake balls instead since I didn't have any sticks. I have made cake pops lots of times but never cake balls and there was quite a learning curve. After making around 50 cake balls I learned a thing or two and I wanted to share it with you guys to save you some stress.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, I forgot to take any before I left for the party and they were all quickly devoured.

For directions on how to make a basic cake ball/pop visit Bakerella.

Lessons Learned
1. Don't buy the fancy cake balls pan. It's so hard to use and it makes a huge mess. It was much easier to just make the cake balls by hand.

2. My cake balls tasted much better when I made the cake and the frosting myself instead of using store bought items. Now this would take up a lot of time if you did it all in one day but you can plan ahead and make some items beforehand. I would make the cake 2 nights before the event. I would make the frosting and form the cake balls the night before and I would decorate the cake balls the morning of.

3. After the cake balls have been made and BEFORE you start to cover them in chocolate freeze the balls for about 15 mins. They become firmer and are less likely to crumble when being coated.

4. Coating the balls in chocolate was by far the hardest part of cake ball making. I found that it was best to use a small deep bowl and to have it filled at least half way with chocolate. Make sure your chocolate is very thin in consistency so it's easier to coat your ball. Using a spoon work your ball in a circular motion covering it completely. Once it is covered move your ball to the edge of your spoon trying to get as much excess chocolate off. Then place your ball on wax paper until it dries. This will take some practice at first but after I made 5 balls I had the hang of it.

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