Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Swap

I decided to participate in Sewing In No Man's Land Spring Swap. Basically two people, each send the other one a package, making two packages total between two people. The three words I used to describe my preferences were vintage, lace, and polka dots. I chose to do an international swap, New Zealand to be exact, and I have been waiting anxiously for my package to arrive in the mail.  Well it arrived today and I couldn't be happier with what I received.

I got this beautiful black polka dot fabric with pink umbrellas. I think this would make a great dress for my daughter, and I think I have just enough fabric to do it. I am thinking about using a light pink for the top part of the dress. I also received some vintage lace and some vintage pink bias tape.

Look at those great buttons, made from paua shells! I can't wait to use my great new pink stationery, I especially love the way it's wrapped. 

Finally Brooke decided to send me a post card from Wyuna Bay with a wonderful note describing what was included in my package. I didn't think to send a written description of what I packed and why but I will definitely be adding that the next time I participate in a swap. Thank you so much Brooke!

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