Monday, June 25, 2012

Mini Magazine Notebooks

I saw this cute tutorial from A Beautiful Mess on how to make your own mini magazine notebooks and wanted to try it instantly. I didn't have any magazines on hand but luckily my friend had some she was trying to get rid of so I snatched them up. I used two of my favorite magazine pages so I had a cute outside cover and a cute inside cover as well.

I took some standard filler paper pages and folded them in half lengthwise. Cut it where you made your fold, this will make 2 notebooks.

Pick two magazine pages and cut them slightly larger than your paper. Using a glue stick glue your two magazine pages, wrong sides together, this will be your notebook cover. Place your filler paper pages inside of your notebook cover. Using your sewing machine or a needle and thread sew your notebook down the middle.

When you're done using your mini notebook be sure to recycle it!

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