Thursday, June 28, 2012

Craft Wars on TLC

Did you guys happen to catch the series premiere of Craft Wars on TLC? I have eagerly been awaiting the show and I have to say I think it's my new favorite show. Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen the show and don't want it ruined then stop reading NOW!

First of all why is Tori Spelling the host? Could they not find anyone else? When I think crafty Tori Spelling doesn't come to mind! Just as expected she was pretty boring and blah, they need a new host. Next I want to talk about the judging panel. I liked the judges except for the lady who was the creative director at Michael's, she was boring and blah just like Tori Spelling. If these people are smart they will replace her with a special guest every week just like they do on Cupcake Wars.

Now let's talk about the show. First of all I want to say that these craft challenges are really hard! To be able to create a bag within an hour from sports equipment for the first challenge takes guts. With that said all of the bags created sucked, I would never use any of them, except for the gray bag that didn't get completed. Why were there balls on the handle of one of the bags and why did another bag have a tennis racquet as a base? Also I almost died when I saw the winner use glue to hold her strips in place while she sewed them. Hello has she never heard of pins before?

For the big challenge the two finalists had to build a play house from scratch. Can I just say I would never be able to make it on this show because I don't know anyone who is handy with power tools. The winner had a beautiful little red school house but had nothing on the inside. Not really sure what the kids were suppose to play with and why were the walls painted with weird dots and stripes? The loser had a creative interior full of wonderful play areas for kids but she just went crazy with the mod podge on the outside. Was it really necessary to use that much? Anyone who has used mod podge before knows how hard it is to remove all the wrinkles and air bubbles.

All in all it was a great episode and I am very excited for next weeks Craft Wars!

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