Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Cut Multi Size Patterns

Vintage patterns usually come in one size but all the new patterns are multi sized. If you cut the pattern out then you will lose the bigger sizes. You can use tracing paper or pattern paper and trace the size you need for each piece and then cut it out. This can be a big pain if the pattern has lots of pieces. My mom showed me a quick way to get the size you need with out doing all this extra work.

When you cut the pattern out make sure cut it the largest size available. When you are laying out your pattern pieces, I am making my daughter a skirt here, you will pin the pattern to your fabric in place but you will place your pins on the size you need.

Once you are done pinning your piece you can just fold the pattern over your pins and cut your piece. The more pins you use the easier it will be to fold the pattern piece over.

If you have a pattern piece with straight lines then you can just fold the pattern on the correct size, pin in place, and then cut your piece out. I have found this saves me a lot of time and preserves all the sizes.

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