Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toddler Easter Bunny

The other day my daughter asked me to use the glue and pasta. I realized she was talking about the Chrstmas Ornaments craft we did in December. It's been a while since we have done any crafts together so I decided I needed to get my stuff together. Since Easter is this weekend I decided we should make an Easter Bunny.

I used the bunny template from RevoluzZza and the leftover pasta from our ornaments (tutorial on coloring pasta). I used foam from the dollar store since it's thicker.

After I cut out the bunny I applied a little bit of glue to the back and added some cotton for a cute bunny tail.

Then I added a spiral of glue to the tummy and let my daughter start adding her pasta. I used one of the red bowties for her nose.

Once my daughter finished I applied glue on top of the pasta to help it stay in place.

Once the glue had dried I added eyes and a mouth using a sharpie. Since our bunny is a girl we tied bows to her ears from some scrap tulle I had.

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