Thursday, April 19, 2012

Surprise Eggs and Sponge Bombs

Since it has become very hot here in AZ we decided to incorporate water activities as part of our Easter celebration. Everyone had a blast and it helped keep us cool during these hot days.

I read a post on Sponge Bombs from A Little Delightful and I decided to make my own. I used sponges from the dollar store and I wrapped them using some left over yarn I had. The best part about these sponge bombs was that they were very easy for my daughter to hold and throw.

My daughter's favorite though were the Suprise Eggs, my daughter came up with this name. You fill a water balloon with a surprise in the middle and freeze them. I went to the dollar store and tried to find plastic rings but I could only find bouncy balls so that was the "surprise". At first she used a stick to get the ball out but then she realized she could throw them on the floor and break them much quicker.

To make these get a water balloon, also from the dollar store, and place the ball inside. You don't have to push it too far down just get it inside. Then you can begin to fill it with water. Once it is filled with water you can push the ball further inside. Place them in your freezer and wait for them to freeze. Once frozen cut the end off and you can peel the water balloon off. Now you can begin breaking them open to get the surprise!

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