Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snow White Bow

One of the Easter basket items I made for my daughter was a Snow White bow. She of course didn't realize it was a Snow White bow because it didn't have her picture on it, but I loved it.

It doesn't require any sewing, just some hot glue, because it's made out of felt. To make the bow cut one strip that is one inch wide and 12 inches in length. These are the dimensions for a two year old so adjust accordingly.

Fold your strip in half lengthwise. Place your hand about four inches below the top. Then place your finger on the top of your strip. It's hard to explain so look at the pictures if you need clarifications.

This will form the bow once you push it down all the way. Glue the bow on both sides. Fold the two sides up and glue in place. Be careful since the glue is hot and can burn you.

Cut a small strip and beginning on the underside glue the strip in place, wrap around, and then glue again.

To make the ends, fold the strip in half and cut the tip at an angle. Repeat on the other side.

I glued it on a clip since it's easier to put in my daughter's hair but you can also glue it to a headband.

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