Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Organizing Ribbon, Elastic, and Lace

This year I have been in an organizing frenzy. I have been slowly making progress and I have gotten rid of lots of things I no longer need. My bonus room aka as my craft room is in total disarray so I finally decided to tackle it. I have lots of lace, elastic, bias tape, and ribbon that is in huge disorganized piles. I know they sell cardboard strips that you can use to organize your loose notions but I didn't feel like spending money so I decided to make my own out of cereal boxes.

I was able to get eight cardboard strips from one standard size cereal box. I was also able to customize the strips to the size I needed but I made most of them two inches in height.

To make the strips cut your box so that you have two pieces, the front and the back of the box. Take one of your pieces and draw lines two inches apart.

Cut the strips following the lines you drew. Fold the strips in half length wise.

Using your hot glue gun, apply glue in the middle of the wrong side of the strip and press it closed. Be careful because the glue is hot, don't burn yourself. The strips are ready to use once the glue has dried. Once I organized all of my ribbon, I realized I really don't have that much. I need to go out and buy more!

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