Monday, March 26, 2012

Kid Books I Recommend

My daughter loves books, both reading and being read to. She usually has me read her the same books over and over again so it helps when the books are entertaining for me as well. I compiled a list of her favorite books and some of my favorites as well.

Although my daughter isn't quite ready for potty training she loves this book, she even has it memorized. She got it for her second birthday which was the perfect time to introduce potty training to her.

When Sheep Sleep

My daughter got this book when she was 18 months but she wasn't really a big fan of it until recently. She loves it now that she has moved into her own room and into her toddler bed.

Belly Button Book

I love this book as much as my daughter does because it's silly and short. She got it for her first birthday which I think is the perfect age for this book.


Hands down my daughter's FAVORITE book.  This book has lots of interactive parts so I wouldn't recommend it for anyone younger than two because they will easily rip it. It also comes with a free downloadable song.

This is my favorite book because it has so many great art activities we can do together. She loves to paint and draw so she loves doing the activities included here.

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