Monday, February 20, 2012

Vintage Patterns

My mom has been sewing since the early 70's, in fact she was a professional seamstress for most of her life. So like anybody who enjoys sewing she has quite a collection of patterns, fabrics, and notions. If I ever need anything I just go shopping in her collection, it's way better than shopping at Joann. While I was searching for some lace trim I came across these awesome patterns for me!

I am in love with dress in the middle, I have the perfect lightweight blue fabric for it. I also am going to make every single tank top from the right most pattern.  I love the wider straps, I hate showing my bra strap. The most exciting part for me was finding the swimsuit pattern. It's a nice modest one piece but with style, the left most pattern.

All this vintage pattern shopping reminded me that I had bought tons of vintage patterns for my daughter when I was pregnant. How could I have forgotten about them?! The coat and pj's will fit her nicely when the summer is over. As for the yellow pattern, I remember my mom made this dress for me so I bought it for sentimental reasons.

More gorgeous girls clothes. I love how these clothes say cute and age appropriate. I don't know where we went wrong and started saying as consumers that we want our little girls dressing like hookers. The older my daughter gets the harder it is to find her clothes, especially since she is as tall as a four year old now at age two.

I was a little bummed to see she outgrew some of the sizes I had bought patterns for but oh well. Maybe I can learn how to alter them to fit her.

The right most pattern here is actually my moms. I used it to make my daughter's birthday outfit, a bubble romper, when she turned two. I even made the shorts romper and jumper for her since this was such a simple pattern. Hooray for vintage patterns!

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