Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Underside Of Joy

Lately I have really carved out time in my busy schedule to read, total me time. I love how a book can just take you away to another time/place and how involved I get into the characters lives. My latest novel is The Underside of Joy by Sere Prince Halverson. Before I talk about the book I want to give you a little summary about what the book is about.

"To Ella Beene, happiness means living in the Northern California river town of Elbow with her husband, Joe, and his two young children. For three years, Ella has been the only mother the kids have known. But when Joe drowns off the coast, his ex-wife shows up at his funeral, intent on reclaiming the children."

This book is a total 180 from the last book I read and I really love that. The main character, Ella Beene, goes from a life of complete happiness to a life of profound sadness. She has lost her husband and finds herself as a single mother. As if life wasn't already hard enough the childrens biological mother shows up to take them back. And this all happens just in the first part of the book!

I still haven't finished the entire book yet, I had to force myself to put it down just to write this post, but I can't wait to see what lies ahead in the next chapters. I really love how well written this book is, I cried when I read about Joe drowning, and how each chapter leaves me wanting to read more. I don't want to go into too much detail about the plot because I don't want to ruin the book for anyone, I hate when people do that. But if you're looking for a good book that you can wrap yourself up in then go get The Underside of Joy! I am also thinking about doing more book reviews on this blog, what do you think?

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