Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet Tea and Healthy Pizza

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been busy sewing up a storm and I just haven't had time to do much else. As you will remember in 2012 I wanted to start making more homemade items so that we would be eating healthier AND saving money. I have been behind in posting my two attempts in February so I decided to post both of the recipes today.

The first of the two recipes is sweet tea. I LOVE the McDonald's sweet tea but lets face it, it's loaded with sugar. My sister-in-law shared a recipe she found online for it and it's delicious. It doesn't contain very much sugar, less than one cup for a whole pitcher, and it was a huge hit with the whole family. I am going to try using honey next time instead of sugar to make it a little healthier. You can find the sweet tea recipe here.

Pizza is always on the menu at my house, it's easy to make and who doesn't love pizza? Sometimes I don't have the store bought dough on hand  and going to the store can be such a pain. I had tried another recipe prior but my husband hated it! He complained about it for two days. I found this half wheat half white flour pizza dough recipe on Weelicious. It is REALLY good and it makes twice the amount of dough than I usually buy. I also saw that you can freeze this recipe, look on Weelicious for the instructions, so you can make a batch and throw half of it in the freezer. You have to make sure that the crust is very thin because once you bake it it puffs up. I used a rolling pin to help me get it thin enough.

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