Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Happy Valentine Dress

Today is Valentine's Day and I made a special dress for my daughter. I bought the pattern and fabric last year and I was suppose to make it then. Well like all things I never got around to it but I was  motivated to get it done this year. I used the Stella Dress pattern from ZozoBug Baby. I wasn't happy with how low cut the dress was so I consulted with my mom and she helped me alter the top part of the dress.

Can you tell my daughter is holding her toothbrush? I forgot to take pictures of the dress and I took some quick ones right before bed. The front part of the dress came out beautifully! I layered it with a long sleeve tee since it was freezing today but it will be the perfect summer dress.

The back of the dress was a complete disaster! I didn't want to do the back from the pattern so I got the bright idea to do a corset style back. Now my mom told me to do a zippered back, I should have listened to her! Everything was fine until I started making the button holes. My machine quite making button holes and I was stuck with just one completed side. Luckily my mom came to the rescue again and we altered the back to include buttons. Since I had already made the corset string I decided to use it to tie around her waist. I can't wait to start on her Easter dress next!

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