Monday, February 13, 2012

Fabric Shower Curtain Update

My shower curtain has been a boring beige for quite some time now. It's fabric so I have been thinking about the best way to update it. I decided that I would paint some strips on it using the Simply Spray upholstery fabric. Don't forget to enter my Simply Spray giveaway, you have until tomorrow to enter.

I was just realizing that from this picture it looks like the stripes are different widths. They are actually the same but my bathroom is pretty small so it was hard to take a picture of it. I love that the room finally has some color in it! I left the original beige color in smaller widths in between the colors.

To add stripes you will need too lay out your shower curtain on a hard surface. Make sure you have plenty of space and using a yard stick and a disappearing fabric pen, start making straight lines down your curtain. I made my lines 10 inches apart.

Once you have finished making your lines start sticking tape down the line making sure to match the edge of the tape with the edge of your line. Do this for the entire shower curtain. Starting at one end begin to use your spray to paint the strips. Some tips that I learned while adding my stripes were don't do this project on a windy day. I had to wait until the weather was breeze free before I could use my spray. Also the fabric will absorb the spray so make sure you don't over saturate the fabric, especially by the tape lines or it will bleed through. Oh it might also be helpful to NOT let your child play with their sand table while you do this. My daughter decided to dump sand all over my curtain WHILE it was being sprayed!

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