Friday, February 17, 2012

Epic Marshmallow Fail

My family and I don't eat pork or any product containing pork by products such as gelatin. Since marshmallows are made using gelatin my daughter hasn't ever tried one. So I went to the kosher store and bought some gelatin that wasn't made using pork. I had this wonderful plan to make my own pink mini marshmallows that we could use to hand out to her friends for Valentine's day. I decided to try a little delightful's recipe, it seemed simple enough.

I got through all the steps pretty easily and without making a mess. I started to mix it using my Kitchenaid and I was feeling pretty good. Now the recipe didn't say for how long or on what speed to mix but I knew it would be done when it turned white.

Well after 30 minutes of mixing this is what I got, a cloudy and thin disaster. I decided to call it quits since my mixer was starting to smell like it was burning, not good, and nothing really seemed to be happening. I decided to add the red coloring and continue with the last step in hopes that it would magically fix itself.

Well it didn't, this is what it came out looking like. It was the consistency of a gummy not a fluffy marshmallow. Now I don't know if it's because I used kosher gelatin or if I did something else wrong. If anyone knows please do tell. I plan on making them again but I will have to find a more precise recipe and I might use a different gelatin brand.

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