Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Toddler Winter Hat

I came across this under an hour jersey hat tutorial on Prudent Baby. I thought it would be the perfect last minute addition to my daughter's homemade Christmas gifts. She really needs a nice warm winter hat and I have lots of scraps in my fabric bin so I decided to make one. Sorry for the bad picture quality, I only had my iPad while I was making her hat.

I added a fleece interior to the hat because I wanted it to be very warm. I also wanted to make it girly so I added some "ears" that I saw on this doll hat from Bamboletta . It looks really cute on my daughter and it came in handy during Christmas and New Years when we went out to look at lights and fireworks.

1. Cut two rectangles of jersey with the "stretch" running side to side. I cut mine 10" wide by 12" tall and I think this is a standard size for a three year old. Cut two rectangles of fleece, I used micro fleece since it was less bulky, the same size as you did the jersey. Using one piece of jersey and one piece of fleece place them wrong sides together. Repeat with the other jersey and fleece piece.

2. Place your two pieces jersey sides right sides together. You should have one fleece piece, one jersey piece, one jersey piece, and one fleece piece. Use your serger to finish the three sides, leaving the bottom open. Then finish your bottom edge using your serger, see pic above.

3. Turn up the bottom edge of the hat about two inches. Tuck the finished edge, the one with the serger edge, underneath about 1/4 inch so the edge is no longer visible and sew the edge in place using 1/8 inch seam.

Image Source: Bamboletta

4. Starting in one corner, using a needle with coordinating thread, place long stitches in a semi circle fashion. The bamboletta image shows it better since they used white thread.

5. After you have finished the stitches pull the thread tightly, this will cause it to bunch and look like an ear. Still pulling the thread tightly wrap the thread around the ear multiple times and when done knot the end and cut the thread off. Repeat on the other side. You can turn the cuff up if desired.

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