Thursday, January 12, 2012

Princess Felt Crown

My daughter is going through a Disney Princess phase right now, especially Rapunzel, and after watching Tangled she decided she needed a crown at that exact moment. I guess she doesn't get that it takes time to make things! Since I had tons of felt left over from our Christmas stockings I decided to make it out of felt.

I used the template from, Ariel's Crown, and I printed it out at 100%. To make it bigger or smaller just change the percentage size. You will need to cut out four pieces of felt, from your main color, using the template. You will also need to cut out two pieces of craft fuse, not necessary but recommended, using the template.

After you have cut out all your crown pieces decided how you want to decorate the crown. You will need to decorate two pieces, the front and the back of the crown. I just did a simple flower and contrasting band. Sew your decorations on your front and back pieces.

Following the manufacturers directions apply the craft fuse to the back of the crown piece you decorated. Do the same for the other crown piece. Now we are going to assemble the two crown pieces. With wrong sides together, pin one decorated piece with one non decorated piece. Sew the exterior pieces together using a 1/8 seam allowance. Do the same for the other piece.

To assemble the crown, take the front and back pieces and pin them right sides together. At the high part of the crown by the end, sew the edges together, on both sides. Cut any remaining felt off.  Turn right side out and enjoy!

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  1. This craft is so cute! Just gave you a shout out on Craft Gossip since you were a part of a great list of Kid's Craft Blogs from Red Tricycle!

    Feel free to email me any new kids crafts you have!