Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Machine Applique

My daughter has a shirt that has some small stains and a hole on the front. Since the shirt is practically new I decided I would applique Mickey Mouse, or the outline anyway, on her shirt to make it usable again. It's been sitting in my to do pile for a while now but I finally got around to finishing it and thankfully my daughter still fits into it.

You will need fabric, fusible webbing (Heat'n Bond), stabilizer, and a template of your design.

First apply the fusible webbing to your fabric. Place the fabric right side down and place the fusible webbing on the wrong side of the fabric, with the webbing sticky side down. Iron it on according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once it has cooled, draw your design using your template on the paper backed side and cut it out.

Then peel off the paper backing and place it on your shirt where desired. Iron it on according to the manufacturer's instructions.

To prevent the fabric from bunching while you sew it in place we will need to add the stabilizer. Now I bought the stabilizer that doesn't iron on so I had to pin it in place but it is easier if you buy the iron on stabilizer. Cut a piece of stabilizer big enough to cover your applique, and a little left over room, and either iron or pint it to the inside of the shirt. Make sure you have covered the entire back of the design.

Sew it in place using a satin stitch, this is what I set my machine to. I placed my shirt inside out and sewed from the right side. Make sure to line up the edge of the applique with the center of the needle.

Once I was done sewing I placed my hand on the design that I had just sewn and gently began to tear the left over paper away. It's easier if you place your hand on the shirt exactly where you are tearing the paper away. At least it worked better for me that way.

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