Friday, December 23, 2011

Toddler Activity Book

I finally got my daughter's Christmas presents finished and wrapped up! Most of her gifts are handmade except for her crayons and play-doh. I made her a Christmas dress, a warm fleece hat, lots of Disney Princess bows, and an activity book.

Now I didn't think of the activity book until the last minute but it was such a quick project that I decided to do it. I had so much fun making it I think I will be making her an activity book every year now, it will be our new tradition. I had the book spiral bound at Staples for $4, that included a front and back cover, and they were finished in 30 minutes.

I actually customized her front cover, it is a beautiful purple glitter cardstock I was hoarding and I used my Cricket to cut her name out in pink letters. I also added a pink heart in the corner and laminated it. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of it or that these pictures are horrible, I am running short on time. Since she loves Mickey, Pete, and every SINGLE princess I printed out a bunch of coloring pages from the Disney Junior website.

I bought a pack of stickers from the dollar store and they have been sitting on my shelf for a year now so I added a couple of pages of stickers to separate the different activities.

I added some blank colored cardstock pages so she could paint, draw, or stick her stickers on them. These are her "free" pages to do whatever she wants to. I used the thick cardstock in case she paints it won't bleed through.

The last thing I did was to included an alphabet writing sheet. This will be a great way to get her to practice her letters and still have fun. On the back cover I wrote out a beautiful poem Martin from Anita Poems sent me. He has twelve free Christmas Poems with beautiful illustrations that would be a great addition to any activity book.  I'm off to bake Christmas Tree cake pops for Santa now, hopefully I can get the post up tomorrow.

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