Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY Superman Stocking

This year I decided to make our Christmas stockings and I was stuck on my husband's. I bought this gorgeous blue felt and that is as far as I got. Everything I thought of was very girlie so I couldn't use any of my ideas. Then I finally decided to ask my husband what he wanted on his stocking, duh it is his after all, and he told me he wanted a Superman stocking. The blue was the right color and I had yellow and red felt left over so after some procrastinating I got to work.

I used the free Christmas Stocking Pattern from Prudent Baby to make this. First you will need to print the pattern out and tape it together. Cut two pieces, one front and one back, from your blue felt. For this stocking it is extremely helpful if you use a disappearing ink pen. Once you cut the stocking out it is time to work on the Superman logo.

Now I didn't quite remember what the logo looked like so I had to google it, don't tell my husband he would be mortified! I had a scrap triangle that I had messed up on so I decided to use that as the background and I would layer yellow on top and then finally an S.

First I had to measure how big I wanted the logo to be. Luckily my triangle was the perfect size. To make the red background I just folded my triangle in the middle and cut the two ends off as shown. That's it, very simple.

To make the yellow background I first measured how big I needed it to be and then I cut that into a square. Then I formed a triangle from the square and finally I cut the ends off as shown above. Now it doesn't have to be perfect, mine isn't, it is handmade after all.

Finally trace an S on your red felt and cut it out. Now it's time to sew! Using a zigzag stitch on your machine, I used the default settings, sew the S onto the yellow background and then sew the yellow background onto the red background. Now place your logo on your stocking and sew the logo to the front of the stocking. With the right sides together sew along the outside of your stocking with a 1/4 in seam.  Fold the top of your stocking down 1/4 in and sew a 1/4 in seam along the top. Now attach a small piece of felt to the top for your loop.

When you are all done, hang it up! Since we don't have a mantel I hung our stockings on our stairs using ribbons. I used a very plain one for my husbands stocking and made the bow very small. He still hasn't seen it yet, he is on a business trip, but I hope he likes it when he gets home.  

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