Monday, December 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Part I

I took my little sister to see Breaking Dawn Part I for her birthday this weekend, she is a really big fan. I haven't read any of the books and after watching the first movie I stopped watching the films, although I am Team Jacob all the way.

Photo Credit: My Glass Slipper

As soon as I saw Bella's shoes I was in love! They are beautiful and of course Manolo Blahnik, would you expect anything less? I would die for a pair of her shoes but the price tag is WAY above what I can afford. Also can someone please tell Kristen Stewart to eat something!

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

I wasn't a fan of Bella's wedidng dress, the front was cut a little weird for me, but I did love the detailing of the back and the lace on her sleeves.The comb she wore in her hair was also magnificent.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Lastly I have to give a huge congrats to the wedding decorator, they did a phenomenal job. Who knew a forest wedding could be so elegant. I wish I could have found a better picture, the benches were made out of wood and branches. Everything was breathtaking and made me wish I had a forest wedding. I don't know if I will see the next installment of the series but I am glad I watched this one.

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