Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making Ruffles

I love ruffles and bows, very girlie I know, and this weekend I made a TON of ruffles using my serger. I have a Brother Baby Lock 1034D but I am sure you can use any serger. At first I tried using the gathering foot that came with it but it didn't work, even though I followed the manual's settings. Instead I went back to the standard foot that it came with and I adjusted the settings until I was happy with my ruffles.

I set the differential feed to 2 and the stitch length to 4. I set the left and right needles to 6 and the upper and lower loopers to 5. I also found that 1 inch strips worked best for these settings. Anything larger and you won't get much ruffle. Check back tomorrow for a tutorial using ruffles.

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