Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY Doll House

When I was young I loved playing with my dolls but we couldn't afford to buy a house for them. My cousin made a really cute doll house out of a cardboard box and she gave it to me, it was my favorite toy. I decided that I would make one for my daughter in the hopes that she would enjoy it too.

I used a tall box I had and some clear packing tape. I drew a door and windows using a sharpie and I decorated the walls with some fabric scraps I had. The second I started building the house my daughter came over and she became part of the "building process". She told my husband and I what she wanted on her walls and she told me where to glue them.

I cut each floor from the flaps of the box and I taped it using two strips for each side and three strips for the back. Hopefully you can see it in this picture. I used some Legos she already had as the furniture for the rooms. I know it isn't exactly the cutest thing in the world but she plays with her dollhouse everyday and we had a great time building it together.

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