Friday, November 18, 2011

A Cold and A Nose Sucker

So my daughter caught a cold at the beginning of this week and she has been sick ever since. My doctor recommended that I use a nose sucker to help get the mucus out allowing her to breathe. Now I have had the same blue one they gave me at the hospital because it's the only one that works. I have bought ever single other one I could find at stores and they NEVER work. I figure it isn't good to keep one for that long, germs must fester right, but I haven't been able to find another one.

Well as luck would have it I came across Nose Sucker which sells the same exact blue nose suckers that the hospitals carry. They offer free shipping and $0 tax, how awesome is that? They were also nice enough to offer a 25% off discount to my readers, just use this link to purchase. Don't worry you can buy just one, or even more if you need them, at the discounted price. So go and get one now since the cold season is here.

On a side note my daughter has a double ear infection and bronchitis and hasn't slept in almost a week. I have now caught her cold so I might be M.I.A the next couple of days while we both get healthy.

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