Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Terrible Two's

UGH, that is what comes to mind when I hear the words the terrible two's. My little princess turned two in August but since she is an over achiever she began the terrible two's three months early. I hope she ends them three months early too! First let me say that I love her more than anyone in this world but lately she has been testing the limits to see how much she can get away with. What once use to be an easy time out has now turned into a thirty minute ordeal! She refuses to sit down and forget about saying sorry. She looks me right in the way when she does something she knows she shouldn't be doing, like throwing her food all over the floor.

Now don't get me wrong it isn't all bad, she has also grown a lot too. I am able to reason with her now and her screaming fits are becoming less frequent. She is finally able to play on her own without having me there by her side constantly. Her vocabulary is wonderful and she is able to communicate more with me. She is like a sponge and absorbs so much so quickly. I just wish time would slow down a little bit more now because she is no longer a baby but a big girl.

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  1. Oh, no. The terrible two's aren't as bad as the threes. Especially with my boys. Just wait. The fun is just beginning.