Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrap Basket

My husband gave me a beautiful Edible Arrangements basket for our anniversary last year and I have been holding on to it ever since. It's a good metal basket but it was a horrible beige color so I decided to jazz it up.

It didn't come out as I had initially planned, I wanted to do just one big flower in the middle, but it did turn out cute anyways. It is the perfect size to hold all of the small scraps I have been hoarding.

This is the basket before I laid a hand on it, BORING! I do like the fake basket print and the rope trim on the top. The first thing I did was spray paint it an aqua color. Note to self do not spray paint anything directly in the sun, it will bubble a lot.

I got a piece of floral fabric from my scrap pile and I applied a coat of fabric mod podge to the entire piece. I let it dry overnight before I cut the flowers out. Afterward I placed them on the basket until I had them arranged just right. I applied more mod podge on the basket and placed my flower on top. I pressed it down to get all the air bubbles out and then I placed another coat of mod podge on top.

I did this for the entire basket. Each side was slightly different and of course it is now filled with scraps. Hopefully I can find a sideboard soon to redo my craft room and get all my clutter organized.

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