Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pantry Makeover

I was reading Maple and Magnolia's pantry makeover post and I was inspired to redo my pantry. Now I didn't realize I had such a big pantry until I tried to clean it out, I didn't finish until 1am. I didn't really try to jazz it up, no painting and such, just organized a bunch.

This is what I started with, a big mess. I bought some cheap containers at big lots and I got to work. I removed all of the items that were in packaging, Costco stuff, and it really saved me a lot of space. While cleaning it out I realized that I am using my pantry mostly for storing stuff that doesn't fit in my cabinets, I barely have any food in there.

I am not 100% done with this project yet, I still need to find some baskets to put all those chip bags in. I also want to move some more of those non food items out of the pantry but it will have to wait until I clear out some space in my cabinets. I have a lot more space now and I even found some marinades that  forgot I had.

I placed two Command hooks behind the pantry door. The top one I used to hang my aprons and the bottom one I used to hang all of my reusable bags. My next organizing project is the kitchen cabinets and a yard sale. Hopefully I can find some time to do that before winter hits.

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