Friday, September 2, 2011

Organizing Your Coupons

I have slowly been dedicating more time to my couponing and thanks to last Sundays paper mishap, I got two Sunday papers and didn't pay for either, I have a bunch of new coupons. Until now I have been storing all of them in a sandwich bag, sad I know.

As you can see from the picture above this wasn't working for me anymore. I couldn't even tell you which coupons I had. So I finally decided to organize my coupons in a binder.

I started with a binder, dividers, and a 30 pack of baseball card holders. Now the baseball card holders aren't cheap, I paid $4.99 at Target, but I really needed them so I bite the bullet and bought them. I read The Krazy Coupon Lady's post on how to start your binder and I got to work.

It took me around two hours to get all my coupons sorted and I had to break it up into two days because it was so much work. I decided to group my coupons based on where the items are located at the store. For example I put the sugar coupons on the same page as the baking items since they are usually found in the same aisle. I left extra space at the end of each grouping so I could easily insert new coupons.

My categorys for my dividers were pantry items, frozen/refrigerator items, toiletries, cleaning, personal care, and misc. This binder also has clear pockets in the front and I used this space to store my non grocery items such as zoo admission and clothing store discounts. I am so happy I invested the time to do this because I was able to quickly find a relish coupon when my husband told me were out.

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