Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Make Your Own Fondant

The newest craze in cake decorating now is fondant. The fondant that they sell in the stores is very expensive and not that tasty. I don't like buying fondant when I make a cake because I feel it's like cheating so I decided to try this Wilton Marshmallow recipe because it seemed simple enough and had good reviews.

I have made this fondant many times now and it tastes wonderful, I always get compliments on it. I wanted to share a couple of tips with you that make this recipe even simpler.

You can manually knead the marshmallow and sugar but it takes some time and quite a lot of arm strength. After I melt the marshmallow I add it and the powdered sugar to my kitchen aid mixer using the kneading attachment. If you are going to color your fondant make sure to add the food coloring now. Once the fondant is well mixed I remove it and manually knead it for a couple of minutes. You need to do this because the machine doesn't get the top part of the fondant well mixed and you can still taste the powdered sugar.

After I place a thin layer of Crisco on my ball I wrap it with two layers of plastic wrap. I let it stay overnight in the refrigerator before I use it. Before you roll the fondant out make sure you remove it from the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature, your arms will thank you for it.

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