Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finally A Backyard!

We moved into our new home almost four years ago. It was a spec home so we had dirt for a front yard and backyard. We needed to have the front yard landscaped within three months, HOA rules, so by the time we were done with it our energy and funds were running low. We decided to do the backyard at a later date. Well three years later, yes you read that right, we STILL had a dirt backyard. I finally had enough of the dirt and told my husband we needed to do something with the space. It was unusable and we have a two year old we would love to just run around outside. So finally after two long weeks, I present to you my new back yard!

Our sitting area is a little bit small, my husband and I have big families, so we will need to upgrade that sometime but it will do for now. I have this wonderful fabric that I bought to make pillows for the chairs.

All the way against the back wall is my planting garden, it's my favorite part of the new yard. We also got four citrus trees, a pomegranate, and a guava tree. They already have some fruit, tiny but it still counts!

My husband finally got his bbq island complete with a sitting area. He has asked me to find him some bar stools so if any of you know where I can get some nice ones let me know.

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