Monday, September 12, 2011

A Ballerina Tutu

My daughter is obsessed with tutu's right now. She would wear a tutu everyday if I let her. So for Halloween this year I decided she should be a ballerina. There are a lot of no sew tutorials online and I came across this Fairy Prncess Tutu tutorial. I loved the whimsy of it but I made some slight modifications to it.

I wanted to make it very poofy so I bought three yards of pink tulle and three yards of purple tulle. It came out very full and I only ending up needing two yards of each color.

I bought the tulle that comes by the yard and I cut the strips three inches wide. Since my daughter is tall I cut them about 20 inches long. I put them in two piles to make it easier to assemble.

I measured my daughters waist and added four inches. so she could use it for a while. I stretched the elastic over my daughters plastic chair, the perfect waist size. I used one pink strip and one purple strip and knotted it over the elastic.

When I was done adding all the tulle I took a scrap piece of ribbon I had and wrapped it around the elastic. I made sure to leave a long piece of ribbon at the beginning , about seven inches, before I began wrapping it so I could tie a bow at the end. I washed it right before I took this picture so that's why it looks a little wrinkled.

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