Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Turning a Romper into a Jumper

I finally got around to finishing the romper that I was suppose to use for my daughter's birthday, until I realized I messed it up, but I turned it into a jumper instead. You can see the birthday bubble romper here. I turned it into a jumper because I didn't want to make her the same outfit again.

It turned out really well, even though it looks like a shirt in this picture, and I even was brave enough to attempt buttons instead of snaps this time. I also noticed that my sewing is getting better, hooray!

The first thing I did was to lay my two front pieces on top of each other on my cutting mat.

Then I placed my ruler along the straight middle line. Once I had that lined up I used my cutting tool to cut off the excess fabric. I did the same for the back pieces. I trimmed the bottom of the back piece slightly as it wasn't straight, this made sewing the hem easier.

I made my own fabric buttons to match the outfit. They actually turned out to be easier to sew on than the snaps were, who would have guessed?

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