Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Royal Icing Circus Clowns

 It was really hard for me to find a cake topper I liked for my daughter's circus cake. I cam across the Wilton circus clown technique while I was googling circus cake toppers. It didn't seemed to complicated so I decided to try it out. I did a test batch of clowns that looked good while they were wet but turned into ugly blobs once dry. I learned a couple of things during this test run and my second batch was much better.

I made the royal icing a stiff consistency for these clowns and they held their shape much better. Since the clowns would be sitting on the top of my cake I used the cake I had made for my cake decorating class as "support" for my clowns while they dried. I just placed some wax paper over the cake and held it in place with toothpicks. Make sure that your base is a little thicker than the rest of the body.

I followed the instructions to pipe the body and then the legs. You can have your clowns laying down or sitting on the edge of your cake, you would just have to position their legs differently.

I found the arms to be the hardest part to make. I wasn't really sure how long to make the arms or what I should do when I got to the end. I tried to slowly pull away so it wouldn't have a point at the end.

The clown heads can be purchased at Joann. They come in a package of six, three red and three blue. Let the clown dry at least overnight. Your clown is completely dry when you can easily pull it away from the wax paper.

I used tip 3 to add the green dots for the arms, legs, and outfit buttons but it was VERY hard to squeeze out even though I had thinned it. I will have to use a bigger tip next time.

Once the clowns were dry I need to add the support so I could place them on the cake with worrying about them falling. Since the back and bottom were flat I just placed a lollipop stick in the middle.

Then using the same star tip 21 I piped the icing body on top of the stick. I also did the arms as you would be able to see them from the back. I let it dry overnight before I placed it on my cake.

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