Friday, August 26, 2011

On My Craft Table

I always love seeing other bloggers working space, it always inspires me, so today I decided to share with you my craft table. Don't let this photo fool you, I have a mess underneath and to the right of my table. I really need to set aside some time to redo this area. Not only is it a mess but it totally lacks style. I LOVE Little Miss Momma's workspace, she is so talented.

On a side note, look how bright my new lamp is! My regular floor lamp is SO crappy. You can enter for a chance to win this lamp here.

I am working on a much needed apron for my daughter. I made it out of some scraps and I am going to add ribbon all around it to give it a girlie girl touch. This is going to be my first pattern so I'm very excited about it.

My pajamas really need a makeover but comfort is always the most important thing to me. I found a really cute and comfortable knit pj dress so I drafted a pattern based on that. I hope to finish it sometime before the winter weather kicks in. Based on this heat wave we have been having I think I have some time.

These are my fabric scraps and vintage linens/lace I got from The Cottage Home. I am going to use the pillowcases when I redo my guest room, they inspired my color palette: coral and turquoise. I would love to see your workspaces, feel free to send me links and pictures.

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