Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Avery Give Back To Schools Contest

Does your school need $10,000 worth of Avery School Supplies, 10,000 Bonus Box Tops coupons, and $1,000 worth of gift cards? If so you should go vote for them at Avery Give Back to schools. During these tough economic times a lot of funding has been cut from public schools, DARE was eliminated here, and sadly our children are losing out.

A total of THIRTY schools will be given wonderful prizes and it's free to sign up and vote. Even if your children are no longer in school you can vote for your favorite school, any school would be lucky to win these prizes. You can check the ranking online, right now Discovery Key Elementary School in Lake Worth, FL is #1. The contest is open from June 15 - September 16 and is open to all qualifying schools K-8 (See Promotional Rules).

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